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Goodbye dear Ahmed

Goodbye dear Ahmed,

Even though I haven’t seen you much in the years since we first met at SOAS, I always thought very fondly of you and meeting with you each time in-between then and now, our meetings were always that of two people for whom no time had passed. We hugged, smiled warmly and resumed long forgotten conversations that felt like they were just left unfinished just yesterday. I recognised in you a person who is no stranger to huge difficulty and personal challenge but who embraces it all with a deep intelligence and critical contemplation, suffused with an overflowing calm and warmth of spirit.  I give great thanks that I got to see you again last year to see your shy knowing smile light up and to talk like confidants as we walked through the park. I cry with great sadness now that I didn’t get to spend more time with you – to talk so much more about our lives and ideas and passions. It is such a terrible injustice that you should finally and successfully get the kidney you had awaited so long only to fall to a hospital infection, taking you away from your love, your family, and adoring friends. We will all miss you so much and will cherish every memory of you. I give praise that someone such as you was on this earth and that I was lucky enough to call you my friend.

Much love Ahmed,


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