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Goodbye dear Ahmed

Goodbye dear Ahmed, Even though I haven’t seen you much in the years since we first met at SOAS, I always thought very fondly of you and meeting with you each time in-between then and now, our meetings were always that of two people for… Read More »Goodbye dear Ahmed

An amazing man

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Dear Ahmed, I haven’t seen you in a very long time, but your memories are very vivid in my mind. Back in the days of SOAS it was fun spending time with you, laughing and thinking about how to change the world. Your smile was… Read More »An amazing man

In Memoriam Ahmed Badawi

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Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient mourns the sudden death of Dr Ahmed Badawi (1967-2020). Ahmed Badawi was an Egyptian political scientist who worked at ZMO in 2011 und 2012 as  part of the SFB 640 Changing Representations of Social Order. Intercultural and Intertemporal Comparisons. Here, he was… Read More »In Memoriam Ahmed Badawi

An extraordinary friend

I met Ahmed in my first days of grad school at SOAS in 2000 and we immediately became extremely close–as was true for so many others because Ahmed had the most open heart and sweetest soul of anyone I’ve met. Like so many of Ahmed’s dear… Read More »An extraordinary friend